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The Oasis at Warwick

Skylands Flying Disc Club is proud to announce a new private course being built across the street from Brakewell Steel/Warwick Town Park. The Oasis at Warwick. Dan Doyle is the brainchild around this excellent idea. He has joined with Joe Gara and Becca Tucker to create this great new course. Here are a few words from Dan...

"My goal is to create a layout from the pro tees that has lots of risk-reward; lots of choices; lots of target zones; and most of all where accuracy and accurate distance are both rewarded. there will be lots of holes where if you lose your focus and try to be a hero you will get torched and tortured if you try to execute a shot you have no business attempting. i hope it will be a layout where an 18-hole score of Par to a few strokes under Par is a great score. there arent enough courses like this. the Am tees will be nowhere near as difficult. that way if you dont feel like playing a layout where you can be abused you dont have to. the Pro tees will be designed to totally challenge the very best players."

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Scorecard and Rules as of April 2012

Below is an overhead view of the course layout as it now stands, please note holes 6, 8, 9, 11, and 12 are not yet in the ground. Click the image to view full size.

Satellite view of Oasis course map