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International talk like a pirate day
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Author:  jpolur [ Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:30 am ]
Post subject:  International talk like a pirate day

Big shout out to Jay Byrd. Hope your enjoying your day.


Author:  jbyrd [ Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: International talk like a pirate day

Aye just noticed this here fine post! Thank Ye me fellow DG Sailor!, Aye entarrred a post as woll !
Tiz one O me original posts from me earlier DG sail'in days! aye...


Author:  jbyrd [ Fri Sep 19, 2014 1:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: International talk like a pirate day

Skivver Me Discus with Arr Snap O me Wristus!!!
Dare aye say thar arr any plastic plattar tossin DG snappin discus sailin sailors out thar that care tar Talk Like A Pirate??? EHHH?
Did yar ponder this day may be passin yar by without ol Capt Jbyrd scrubbin yar salty eyes with DG irate pirate chum??? EHHH?
Do yar think fer a sliver o a scrawy moment in time this day should go unrecognized in Skylands Flyin Disc Club history with NO unautorized pirate songs of "damn, Aye cant believe aye missed that birdie" Shanties? EHHHHH?
Not fer a scrawny nautical minute... err a blink o me only eye...(which has slowed down a bit em might say) err even the time it takes yar tar unintentionally sail yar new plastic flying contraptions into thar trees ( sailin masts) o our DG sail'in decks!
Not fer all thar beer bottle caps that arr floatsum in yer corners o yar DG Bag!
Not fer all thar minis that somehow found themselfs floating around in DG course limbo!
Not fer all thar discs that dont float, which find themselfs off 12 N 16 of Buzzys windy fairways which in turn shelter young underwater DG guppies that grow thar sport! AYE????
SOOOOO, if yar know whats good fer ya you should be Talking Like a Pirate AS MUCH AS BLABBERING POSSIBLE FER THAR ENTIRE DAY!... errrr, as much as yar pirate yapp'in abilities can squandar. En if yar pirate lingo needs a lil wind en thar sail you can always find yar blabber booty HERE at thar official web site O thar day!
En remember, if talking like a pirate doesnt make yar pirateer abilities better at least yar can still say "YAR, AYE MADE ME PAR!", err "Birdies be flying up me sails this fine day", err sometin similar to thar effect. AYE????? AYE!
So aye, aye me DG crew, Me best tar all of ya! en may thar luck O thar pirates find treasures o birdies on yar score cards!

Author:  jbyrd [ Fri Sep 26, 2014 9:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: International talk like a pirate day

Me fellow matey Eric Tharrrr Great sharrrrred this rock'in beautyness wit that Capt Jbyrd. Tis me kinfolk we be talk'in bout here sailin disc plastic launchars!!

Author:  jbyrd [ Sat Sep 19, 2015 1:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: International talk like a pirate day

Tis one O me favorite days o thar year me lads n lassies...
Let thar YARs en yar AYEs runith over yar tongue like rum in thar Caribbean ports! Behold the present of thar ridiculous banter that fills thar air with fire n spit n stories of tides en storm en gold! Mermaids beware the power of this mighty yappage across the lands of lubbers and the hearts of sailors across thar seas of seven! Little do most know that aye've been pirate yappin cantankerous phrases fer many o moons prior to this day o celebration! Tis began when I was a wee sailor of 5 years O age when thar language blessed me palate! Out on me mighty 8 ft dingy on Lake Clear casting me sword towards thar sky, en aye've been share'in me stories o thar storm n seas ever since! So make sure yar lift yar mug high and drink yar grog down before yar swashbuckling occurs! Yar may find you've shanghaied a might crew of pirate yappin newbies to replenish yar pint and enhance yar booty!
Avast me hearties, Enjoy yar day and make sure to pronounce yar ARRRRRRs Right!
Capt. Jbyrd Roosa

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