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Brinster Takes Down the USDGC
Tuesday, 07 January 2014 08:09

Steve Brinster

Takes Down The 2013 USDGC!

Skylands Flying Disc Club congratulates our own Steve Brinster

for winning the



We could not be more proud of him! He has worked very hard for many years

to get to this level of play and has now won his first major!

Congratulations Steve! You truly deserve it.

Stay tuned for more info to come for the Celebration Party!!!


Whooooo Hooooo!

Kiss that Throphy!

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Brinsters Family

Twinster 1 and Leslie Flat Flip Flies Straight!
The Top Card

Click here for The United Sates Disc Golf Championship Article

Here are some comments from our facebook page, the best one is the last one... read on.

The Most Intense 4 hours of Disc Golf I have ever watched. To see 3 players Blow Up on 1 Hole was Surreal. Doss-10 on 13. Feldberg at -32 and with the lead on 18 takes a triple bogey, back to -29. Shusterick-tied with Brinster at -31, throwing OB on his first 2 drives for a Triple Bogey on 17. There was so much drama before Brinster canned his Deuce on 17 for a 4 stroke swing/advantage over Shusterick, and a 2 stroke lead over Barry Schultz who was in the clubhouse at -30. There were 4 players who had the lead or were tied for the lead at one point during the round + Steve Rico was 1-2 strokes back the entire round. So much pressure on Steve, he executed shot after shot, and canned 1 Big Putt after another. Amazing Playing!! Magical Win!! Congratulations!! - Scott Selders

Great description. I was sitting in my car at a BBQ watching it on my iPhone because I needed it to be plugged in to charge. So exciting. Described as the most intense competition in 15 yrs of the event. Learned

so much of the mind control needed to compete better. Amazing to see them stay as calm as the do. Thank you to all pros and 2 thumbs up for the four great gentlemen on that lead card. - David Huber

Sounds totally awesome, dude! Wish I saw it! - William F Selders

It was as good as a World Series- Game 7-Bottom of the Ninth-Down by 3, -2 Out-Bases Loaded-3-2 count-Grand Slam. - Scott Selders

certainly proud of the hometown boy!!! - Steve Hughes

For me that was the BEST televised event I have ever watched. Following Steve who I have been rooting for to win a major for years just made it so very intense. The nicest and most dedicated guy ever. It was All 'things' combined. To play the sport actively, know the ins and outs, the pressure, the 'everything'. Watching became constant nail biting, fist clinching, cheering and in the end very happy with some good old shioned watery eyes! Now that's watching a flippin sport my friends! - Milo Buddy

F*cking ah rite buddy! 2013 champ! - David Huber

way to go Steve Brinster!!! Way to take it down! - Ozzie Reichardt

Hell yea Steve!!!! - Alex Hall

Congrats Steve! Everyone here at nockamixon was rooting for you - Evan Williams

awesome job Steve Brinster a great win for a very classy and respected player could not be more happy for you - Roger Vranak

Steve Brinster USDGC Champion. Sounds right to me. Congrats Steve - Clarence Yocum

Yeah man. Awesome. They said it right "couldn't happen to a nicer guy". Class all the way. - Jeff Corbran

Congrats Steve Brinster on your win! - John Birkrem

Absolutely Fantastic! Congrats Steve on a steller win!! You ARRRRRRR the man! - Jbyrd Roosa

I loved watching USDGC and Crazy and Dave's comments TheTwinsters!!!! - Roger Vranak

Tears of joy reading these posts. - Lesli Brinster

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